Crankshaft Position Sensor (CSS Sensor)

What Does The CSS Sensor Do?

The CSS sensor measures the crankshaft speed to determine the engine speed. This information is relayed to the ECU.

Where is The CSS Sensor Located?

The CSS sensor is usually positioned by the cam belt or crankshaft & can be triggered by the flywheel or a toothed wheel in the centre of the engine.

What Are The Failure Symptoms Of The CSS Sensor?

A failed crank sensor will usually result in the vehicle not starting, or stalling at low speeds. A failed sensor will usually cause the Engine Management light to illuminate.

Maintenance Of The CSS Sensor

CSS sensors are most commonly damaged by water, oil, and vibration. Check the sensor housing and terminals for any damage, dirt, or corrosion. Also check the cable to the CSS sensor for any breaks, cuts or splits.

What Else is The CSS Sensor Commonly Called?

The CSS Sensor is often commonly referred to as the Crank Sensor; Crank Angle Sensor; Engine Speed Sensor; or RPM Sensor.